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Reiki on the Water

Hall.Pamela-163x110Pamela Hall has been practicing meditation and spirituality since 1997; It was through her learning that she became interested in healing energies and therapeutic touch.  Pamela is passionate about Reiki.

During Pamela’s introduction to Reiki at Sea, she will will lead you through a guided meditation, discussion and a short Reiki demonstration.

We will take Hado out to the anchorage, about a 15 minute ride.  You will have time to enjoy the surroundings of water, sun and warm breezes!

What Pamela says about Reiki:

Why I love Reiki:
*  I love showing and telling people  about Reiki.
*  Reiki can provide relaxation, reduce stress and promote healing
*  I enjoy giving individual healing sessions
*  I like teaching people that Reiki can improve their life and the lives of others

What people get out of Reiki – What are the benefits of Reiki?
* One of the greatest benefits is relaxation and reducing stress
* Accelerates healing of infections
* Used in thousands of hospitals as alternative therapy or medicine
* Can reduce pain and lower blood pressure
* Promotes sense of well being

Why Reiki at Sea?
* It increases our connection with nature and the ocean
* Reiki at anchor on the ocean may magnify the experience