Companion Training

Companion Training

Give the gift of understanding your passion of sailing to your wife/companion.

Is your first mate inexperienced and unprepared? The number one cause for disharmony for couples on the water is lack of understanding on what’s expected. Joy has an amazing patience and the ability to work with companions which allows participants to master some basic skills in a non-threatening, supportive environment. Joy doesn’t just teach sailing theory. She teaches from a holistic approach which gives understanding and purpose to not only the important aspects of sailing, but to boating as a team.

Boating is too wonderful to be wasted arguing!

For reservations call Capt. Joy Sherman – 203-530-5037

“We greatly enjoyed our charters with Joy Sherman on her boat Hado.  We learned many important tasks in sailing from basic knots to performing man-over-board manoevers under sail and are beginning to feel comfortable to sail a boat without assistance. Hado is a  beautiful boat and Joy is not only a good teacher and captain, but also good company.”
Jessica, Laura and Uli